Roof Inspection

 A Haag Certified roof inspector has been certified by Haag Engineering, a forensic engineering firm specializing in the proper methods of conducting roof inspection for functional damage

and mechanical damage to all roof systems. To become certified, an inspector must complete all course hours onsite with a Haag Engineer Instructor onsite through comprehensive training in
how hail, wind, improper installation and mechanical damage interact with roofing, inspection safety, roof area calculations and applicable codes for each region we conduct business. Training
also covers comprehensive understanding of manufacture, installation, weathering,product maintenance, and repair cost for each major roof system.

The Haag inspector has the ability to structure an annual maintenance program through a true understanding of manufacture products and installation that fits your needs. A trained Haag Inspector can also handle your roof needs
professionally after a major storm event, Haag Certified Roof Inspectors can help you avoid the stress of disputes between your insurance adjuster and John David Andress Construction because they understand
the process and the criteria of storm damage that your insurance claims adjuster is looking for. Any company can send a guy out with a truck and ladder and claim he is qualified to give an
assessment of your roofs condition,” but Haag Certification proves it. I see this every week when I’m in the field conducting inspections and believe me its unprofessional thats why I’m asking
you to call John David Andress Construction we can help you with your inspections.

The Haag Certification is recognized by all insurance carriers that says John David Andress Construction has been trained to conduct roof inspections accurately and professionally to help expedite your needs in a timely manor with less delays when you need them the most.

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